Blueprint Highlighting DVD – Volume 2: Incandescent Sets & 33 Degrees of Color

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Volume 2:

Incandescent Sets was developed to solve a common challenge in the salon of highlighting curly hair.  It’s typically difficult to see the highlights on curly hair, but with this technique of layering sheets of color, the highlights really pop!  The result is a beautiful blend of colors that make an impactful color statement.  – Demonstrated by Lisa McAuliffe

33 Degrees of Color challenges the classic angle most colorists work with: 45 degrees. We are introducing the idea of working with 33 degree angles that are commonly used in architecture and lighting to make points of interest really pop.  When applying this concept to our technique, and combining foil with balayage, the balayage pieces really stand out.  The blend of the foil highlights and the balayage pieces give the design incredible texture and dimension.  Demonstrated by Devin Fox

Run time, approximately 60 minutes.

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