Highlighting Between the Lines (Full set volumes 1-3)

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$59.95 per Volume or $149.95 for the complete set of 3 Volumes. A $29.90 savings.

Product Club presents Highlighting Between the Lines, a totally new way of thinking about haircoloring. The majority of haircoloring services being performed today are done with linear thinking as well as linear application.  What that means is that we tend to approach coloring hair from one point of view. We use the same basic formulations and application technique and apply it to all of your clients for predictable, but not necessarily optimal, results.  Product Club believes that you can only really grow as a haircolorist when you make the shift to non-linear thinking.  It’s a really different way of saying, “Don’t think outside the box…think like there is no box at all!”  Only then will you be able to offer your clients truly individualized color and style. Running time is about 1hr for each volume. Vol 1: Vertex Sets and Corrugated Color. Vol 2: Color Channeling and Back Dropping. Vol 3: Flash Forward and Celestial Color.

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