Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert Vol 5 – Exotic Brunettes

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What you will learn in this book:

-Best Candidates for Warm and Cool Brunettes – Ground Rules for Brunettes – Keeping a Natural Brunette, Brunette – Making Salt & Pepper Hair Rich Brunette – Making 75-100% Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Brunette – Making a Natural Blonde a Brunette – Making a Natural Redhead a Brunette – Making a Double Process Blonde a Brunette – Tint Backs Secrets

Color Corrective Procedures for Brunettes: – #1 Dark Brown Tint Went Black – #2 Brown Shade Looks Reddish – #3 Brown Tint Went too Dark on the Ends Only – #4 Brown Tint Took too Dark in the Temples – #5 Brown Tint Looks Reddish in the Re-growth Area Only – #6 Brown Shade Becomes Red After Just A Few Weeks

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